Elite Athletics


Our kids’ basketball program offers a comprehensive training experience designed to help young players develop their skills and reach their full potential on the court. The program fee of $275 (plus tax) covers a minimum of 12 classes, though in many cases, as long as we have access to space, participants may receive as many as 16 classes.
In addition to the high-quality coaching and training sessions, all participants will also receive a gift package as a thank you for their involvement in the program. This package is a tangible symbol of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to improving their basketball abilities.
Through the Jr. NBA Youth Basketball (JNYB) program, we are committed to offer a well-structured basketball program that is fun and enjoyable, with emphasis on appropriate training at different stages of development for young athletes. JNYB is designed to address overall athlete development through basketball, physical, mental and life skills. It is our hope that all participants will receive the proper training that will produce well rounded athletes and maintain a lifelong passion for the sport.  Following the guidelines of Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD), the program is flexible in nature to allow local organizers to adapt the program and implement it in their community while following the principles and philosophies of the program.  The goal of the program is to allow participants the opportunity to maximize their potential, while promoting the importance of youth basketball as a vehicle to build character, discipline, self-esteem and sportsmanship.
Creating a culture where everyone can thrive is a shared responsibility, and Safe Sport is one of the key initiatives in helping to create that culture. Safe Sport is deeply embedded in all of Canada Basketball’s programs, including JNYB, with Safe Sport Training providing essential tools to recognize, prevent and address maltreatment in sport, while also educating on how to create a safe, and inclusive environment for all athletes to participate in. All Jr. NBA program administrators will have conducted Safe Sport Training, and will be advocating all stakeholders in their organization to do so as well.
Join our basketball program today and give your child the chance to thrive as a player, build valuable teamwork and sportsmanship skills, and have fun along the way.